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SuperCable® Polymer Iso-Elastic™ Sternotomy Closure System

A Better Way, For Better Outcomes

The “Iso-Elastic” property of the polymer SuperCable provides “dynamic compression” across the sternal halves to better accommodate the normal loads that act on the healing sternum, such as loads due to coughing, sneezing and patient movement. Improved fixation offers the opportunity for more rapid and reliable bone healing as well as reduced patient complications. This elastic property, along with the broader footprint of the double-stranded cable, can help minimize “cut-through” into the bone and subsequent loss of fixation. Inelastic metal cerclage is often associated with cut-through and fixation loss, which can lead to significant complications, patient readmissions, increased treatment costs and patient discomfort. SuperCable has a 12-year history of clinical success in very demanding orthopedic bone-healing applications.

In vitro testing shows that the Iso-elastic SuperCable provides substantial sternotomy closure force after cyclic loading associated with forces expected during coughing and sneezing, whereas monofilament wires and braided metal cables both showed significant loss of fixation closure force (see test reports and test video). This superior stability offered by SuperCable offers the potential to reduce post-operative pain and bleeding, along with other complications associated with median sternotomy.

Additionally, the cable’s integrated titanium locking clasp allows for simple re-tensioning, and is of a low profile design that minimizes the potential for post-operative palpability. Finally, the polymer cable can be quickly cut with a scalpel for fast re-entry in emergent situations. SuperCable…offering a better way to achieve better outcomes for your patients.

The cable tensioning instrument includes a torque gauge for consistent cable tension.

A Curved Mini Passer provides for passage of the Iso-Elastic cable through the intercostal spaces.



Stability Testing

Anatomical sternum models divided along their midline, and fixed with four SuperCables, seven No. 5 stainless steel surgical wires, or four stainless steel sternal cables. Following cyclic loading at 1 KN, the sternum models fixed with monofilament wire and with braided metal cables exhibited “cut-through” and loss of fixation.

Wire construct – Fixation Lost

Metal Braided Cable Construct – Fixation Lost

SuperCable Construct – Stable Fixation

View the full test report here for more details.


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