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NeuroPro® Low Profile Rigid Fixation System

Peace of Mind For Surgeon and Patient

For over 15 years the NeuroPro system has served as a benchmark for smart design, quality engineering and excellent value in cranial plating systems.The new Low Profile system builds on that tradition of excellence by offering the flawless performance and O.R. efficiency you expect, plus a sleek new design.
Plate profile in the new system (0.3mm) is significantly reduced from the original NeuroPro system.
Now you can look forward to a quick and efficient closure and be confident that your patient will be less likely
to experience untoward tactile reminders of the hardware, thus providing them with the peace of mind they deserve.



Rounded Plate Edges
All plates have beveled edges to further reduce the possibility of soft tissue irritation or plate palpability under the scalp.


Asymmetric Burr Holes
An asymmetric burr hole cover design allows flexibility in positioning of the plate such that screws can be placed away from the edge of craniotomy cuts. At least two screws can always be placed in the flap — even with closely spaced cuts.


Easy Pick-up and Loading of Screws

Taper fit screwdriver easily picks up and reliably drives screws. New “cap & carrier” design makes loading screws into the tray a snap. Place the screws in their spot and snap off the end cap.
The carrier provides lot traceabilty.



Panel Selection4K6A3070_Plates copy
Numerous sizes available, maximizing efficiency and minimizing waste.


U.S. Patents 5,961,519, 5,980,540, 8,662,299, D534,651, Japan Patent No. 5,192,371.

Additional U.S. and International Patents Pending

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