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Superior fatigue strength without the possibility of cable-generated metal debris.

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A better way to clean bone that quickly provides a cleaner and drier bone bed for a superior cement mantle.

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The clinically-proven, patient-matched patello-femoral replacement.

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Complete cranial plating systems, engineered for flawless performance and efficient use in the OR.

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The Role of CarboJet in the Reduction of Aseptic Loosening

News Article • April 27, 2015

Recent evidence from a large multicenter study shows that aseptic loosening has become the single largest cause of failure of modern primary knee arthroplasties requiring revision. Earlier studies, conducted in the 1990s, had shown polyethylene wear to be the leading cause of failure. The more current study found that 28.0% of all knee failures were due to aseptic loosening, comprising the single most common failure mode. In the case of unicompartmental knees, 60.6% of failures were due to aseptic loosening. A significant portion of the aseptic loosening failures were early failures, with 32.9% of these failures classified as never successful,... Learn more...

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The Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS) - January 24-26, 2016, Phoenix, AZ