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Polymer Iso-Elastic™ Cerclage System
A revolutionary polymer cable system that provides long-term dynamic compressive loading across healing bone fragments.

pic_supercable-gpSuperCable® Grips & Plates

The SuperCable® system is now available with trochanteric grips and cable-plates featuring screw holes with Agilock® Technology allowing placement of locking or compression screws.

pic_carbojetCarboJet® CO2 Bone Preparation System

The CarboJet® system is a revolutionary device for cleaning and preparing bone surfaces for orthopedic procedures.

pic_kinematchKineMatch® Custom PFR

Designed specifically for a small but challenging group of patients with isolated end-stage patello-femoral disease, the KineMatch® PFR offers a uniquely conservative and effective resurfacing solution.

pic_neuroproNeuroPro® Rigid Fixation System

Designed specifically for neurosurgical applications, the NeuroPro System addresses all your rigid fixation requirements, including craniotomy, cranioplasty and skull base applications, in a single compact modular tray.

pic_neuroproNeuroPro® Low Profile Rigid Fixation System

The flawless performance and O.R. efficiency you expect from NeuroPro, with a sleek new low profile design.


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